Decorative Painting: Innovative Colloboration Delivers Unique One-of-a-Kind Results!

Deborah Disman

Debra Disman

Although the creative process can be a solitary one, Decorative Painters often collaborate with innovative industry partners, increasing the value and enjoyment of our work to the Client. 

by Debra Disman,
San Francisco Decorative Painter 

I’m often brought into the design process by another professional who is already working with a Client. My role is to collaborate and help translate the Client’s inner vision into concrete visual form through the use of Decorative Painting.

Partners include interior designers, architects, contractors, realtors, or even a property specialist, such as Fred Horsfield. Fred and I have worked together on several rewarding and meaningful projects. 

Celestial Gold  

When Fred was working on the remodel of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco, it was decided to apply 22 carat gold leaf to its original 1905 cross. Fred brought me in to accomplish this task. It was both a privilege and an honor to be responsible for bringing this treasured object “back” to its original gilded state 

San Francisco All Saint's Episcopal Church
The remains of previous paint and gold leaf applications were stripped off the wooden surface, which was then primed and base coated in preparation for the gold leafing. Real gold leaf can withstand the elements, and requires no varnish. The gold shines celestial against the blue and sometimes foggy San Francisco skies, expressing both the history and the spirit of the Church. 

Kitchen Magic 

Deborah Disman SF Decortive Painter, Wall MuralI had the opportunity to add some fun and whimsy to Fred’s kitchen, when he purchased a new home in the Sunset District of San Francisco. He expressly requested a painted flowerpot to “sit” on the baseboards of one of his kitchen walls, and a stenciled vine to “grow” out of it, and travel over the adjacent doorway, across the top of the wall, and around the window. 

A combination of techniques was employed to create the Trompe l’oeil (fooling the eye) “magic”, and add an imaginative dimension to the room. A relatively small amount of decorative painting can take a space completely out of the ordinary, and make it special, unique, and customized to the Client. 

Children’s Corner   

Moon, sun, stars and planets stenciled over colorwashed walls brighten up the Child Watch Room of Oshun Center, a drop-in facility for women and their families in San Francisco, where Fred’s company was contributing some improvements to the building. 

Deborah Disman SF Decortive Painter, Childrens Room Mural 

I chose the techniques of colorwashing, (semi-transparent glaze “washed” over the painted wall surface), and stenciling because they are relatively simple ways of creating color, texture, pattern and imagery in a space. The comparatively low cost of the materials can also save on a Client’s budget. Here, the outer space theme expresses the idea of transcending limitations, and traversing new frontiers, an important message for the children who rest, play, and wait in this room. 

 Collaboration Creates Synergy
in the Design Process

An inspiring aspect of collaboration is the unique mix of skills, ideas, and creativity that results. Everyone involved contributes their talents and expertise to a synergistic process that becomes more than the sum of its parts. The result is added value to the Client, and most likely, exceeded expectations. The collaborators learn from each other, and increase their toolbox of know-how and information. 

My collaboration with Fred has been an enriching experience that demonstrates the endless ways in which Decorative Painting can Enhance, Beautify, Communicate through and Transform the built environment. One space at a time, we are impacting the society, culture, and world we live in, the mission of ArtiFactory Studio! 

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About the Author (Author Profile)

Debra Disman is principal of ArtiFactory Studio and is an SF Bay Area Decorative Painter. Her passion is to translate her Client’s inner vision into concrete visual form. Debra’s company ArtiFactory Studio, provides custom decorative painting, murals and color consultation to customers from all backgrounds and walks of life. She can help you use the magic of decorative painting to transform your home, place of business, even your community!

Debra holds a degree in painting from the University of Iowa and has studied in France, San Francisco, and San Diego. She is an Associate member of the International Association for Colour Consultants/Designers and serves as the Color Muze for blog talk radio’s Artistically Speaking Radio and Cre8tive Compass Magazine.

Check out Debra’s Look Book to see more of her work. To learn more please visit ArtiFactoryStudio, or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

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  2. I love your celestial scene in the chilren’s room. That is beautiful. The layering of transparent paints really adds so much depth. Lovely work.

  3. Debra Disman says:

    Thank you very much for the comment, and taking the time to read the article! Stencils and colorwashes are fun and effective, and I love doing them.
    Thank you for your marvelous work on my site, branding and identity through your FAB biz:, a Bay Area GEM!

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    Correction: the website of Dianna Jacobsen/Jacobsen Design, a fabulous local graphic design firm providing both web and print design is:

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