Taurus: Why To Love (and Fear) Your Friendly Neighborhood Bull

San Francisco Bay Area Astrologer Jamie Kahl

by Jamie Kahl
SF Bay Area Astrologer

The Best and Worst of Taurus

Taurus (April 20-May 20) people are known for their peaceable ways and their patience.    But Taurus, have the people in your life learned to fear you when you get to the end of your rope?  

Everybody’s got a little Taurus inside, and you don’t need to have the Sun in Taurus to resonate with what I’m about to say.

Taurus: At Your Best:

Taurus, your good traits are many and varied.  You are supportive to others, practical in your own right, a realist without being cold.  You are both grounded and warm, and you really know how to enjoy life.  You are solid and consistent; you have integrity. 

When you promise, there’s no doubt you will deliver.  You’re a staunch friend, a tolerant relative, an unassuming guest and a dependable business partner.  You’re willing to take more than your share of the load, without demanding the credit you secretly desire.

Taurus: At Your Worst:

Your patience is legendary, but it does come to an end.  Once you write someone off, it’s really over.  Once you realize a person, place or thing is not for you, you simply, pragmatically and completely remove that item from your life.  It’s as if it never existed. 

If people fear this trait in you, they should—the only time you go to extremes is when you’re forced to.  Your uniquely Taurean finality is nature’s way of telling others that it’s best not to push you too far.  And it’s appropriate for your friends to know that, so they don’t take undue advantage of your otherwise warm and accepting nature.

Troubleshooting Your Taurus Nature

Honor the slow pace at which you like to live and don’t let others push you faster than you really want to go.  You are much more effective when working at your own pace.  But beware:  your stability and love of pleasure can easily convert you into a couch potato. 

Get up and get moving—don’t spend all your leisure time eating and watching television.  Enjoy life, but don’t overindulge because weight is easy to put on but hard to take off.

Taurus…Clueing Others In About You

Reassure your friends, family and coworkers that, while your methods may be slow, you are thorough and the job will be done on time and done well.  If you know you’re going to need more time to do it right, insist on it.  Nobody brings more quality to a project than you and no doubt your co-workers have noticed that. 

Avoid pushy people who try to control you.  Your best companions will be the other Earth signs:  hard-working, ambitious Capricorns and helpful, detail-oriented Virgos.  You can relax fully around them because they pull their own weight.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Tauruses are naturally awesome cuz v r the only ones who are extremely stubborn and extremely patient.

  2. Iam Katie says:

    Well i am very weird because im not very patient but i can wait for things for quiet a bit but iim also very stubborn and im also loving tword somepeople

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