The 3C’s of Personal Branding: Congruency, Confidence, Charisma

Ellen Looyen

The way you do one thing…
is the way you do everything!

A spiritual teacher told me that over 25 years ago…and it’s a central theme to my personal branding work today.       

by Ellen Looyen
Personal Branding and Marketing Strategist

For your personal brand to be charismatic and consistent it’s crucial to be congruent. That’s how to continuously build “brand equity” and add more value to your personal brand over time.       

Congruency is what we all unconsciously are looking for before…
we make a buying decision.

 According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) experts that I’ve read over the years, you are congruent when what you say verbally and non-verbally match (i.e., it’s when your words match your physiology). Saying one thing and feeling another is the quickest way to lose a sale.       

Because an emotional connection is the most critical element in successful personal branding, your prospects need to feel certain that what you’re telling them is true.       

Incongruency is when you feel (or others perceive) that what you’re saying and what you are feeling on the inside are not unified.        

I believe that you’re being congruent when the following are in sync:       

your words       

your actions       

the way you make others feel       

your overall “energetic presence”       

Congruent people put us at ease almost immediately…        

Which causes us to open up and (for no apparent reason), instantly like and trust them. Charismatic people are perceived as very congruent; and it’s why they’re able to capture our imagination so quickly and easily.       

Your Charismatic Personal Brand comes from deep inside and radiates out, naturally attracting people and opportunities.       

Most of us do not realize that…       

only 7% of our influence is based on the words we speak…38% comes from our voice tonality; and a whopping 55% of our influence comes from our body language!       

That is why learning about the “Inner World of Charismatic Branding” is even more crucial to building and sustaining a powerful personal brand than the external presentation of marketing materials, logos and websites.       

We all project much more than words…We project what is unconscious; and we transfer emotions to one another all of the time.       

What we deeply feel about ourselves broadcasts externally to the world on a very subtle (yet very persuasive) level. Our potential clients, employers and all the people we want to attract, are constantly making unconscious emotional decisions whether to do business with us, hire us or be connected to us–by the way we make them “feel!”       

“People will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”        –Maya Angelou       

“Confidence” is the Number One Reason People Buy or Choose Anything!       

Confidence is an essential element to projecting charisma. If you lack confidence and do not believe in yourself, how can you convince others of your value?       

According to Tony Robbins, the emotion of certainty is a powerful thing and people will do anything to avoid feelings of uncertainty or self-doubt. There are several layers of confidence when it comes to Charismatic Personal Branding:       

•  Energetically, you must always exude confidence—but it must be deeply felt—it’s an inside job, it’s a strong belief in yourself and in your abilities, and it can never be faked.        

•  The person “choosing” you or your business offering needs to feel “confident” that they’ve made a good buying decision.        

•  You must feel confident about your own value and deliverables, for the whole equation to work       

People feel your confidence, or the lack of it! Confident people are not focused on themselves. They are fully present and in the moment; and when you’re doing business with them, you feel like you are their most important client.

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Ellen Looyen, America’s Leader in Personal Branding since 1988 (title coined by The Conference Board in NYC), knows what it takes to personally brand oneself as a Leader. Always the pioneer, Ellen was one of the first women in Sales at IBM and later at Xerox (where she was a top sales producer and sales trainer).

From branding divisions of major corporations (Kaiser Permanente, Chevron and Wells Fargo), to launching countless startups, Ellen loves to inspire women become more influential Leaders. Ellen is the author of Branding with Charisma (a DIY Branding Kit and Online Home Study program) and is a Brand Commentator on KGO NewsTalk 810 (San Francisco’s #1 Radio station). She is also featured in the best-selling books: Get Clients Now and Guerrilla Marketing.

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