The New Path to Job Security: Bringing Feminine Power to Work

With layoffs, wage cuts and foreclosures topping the news, women are learning that they have a secret weapon against the vagaries of this difficult economy:  their feminine side.

by Michele Lisenbury Christensen and Sara Harvey Yao

sara_michele_webv10Amelia is a manager at a company that sells images.  She recently got a promotion without applying for the new position.  “They said I was picked because I know how to connect with people, even while I’m producing results.” 

Amelia is one of our many clients – male, as well as female – who are finding that their capacity to bring enjoyment, caring, and ease into the workplace are valued even more now that tensions are running high and resources are scarce.

Feminine + Masculine = Turbo Charged Success

At first, women can be afraid to bring more of their feminine power to work.  Women think of their masculine power – driving, pragmatism, focus, providing, and so on – as the secret of their success.  And those elements of power are key to producing results. 

But when they learn to use both the masculine qualities and their feminine counterparts (receiving, sensuality, holism, and nurturing) women find their success is turbo-charged! A dynamic synergy emerges when both the masculine and feminine powers are integrated.

Melinda, a marketing manager for a wireless company, says

“I’m blown away by how much easier it is to drive for results now that I also use my feminine power.  I’ve got more energy, things are more fun, and results happen much more easily.”

Feminine + Masculine in Action

Some of the ways that Melinda and our other clients have learned to bring both Masculine and Feminine power to work include:

Conduct Effective Meetings:  When you lead a meeting, run it on time and using a good agenda (masculine qualities). Add the feminine by making sure there’s something visually appealing in the room.  Also allow for personal connection and appropriate humor in the meeting.   The combination of the masculine and feminine will bring more energy and ease, especially for difficult or complex meeting topics.

Listen First:  When employees come to you with problems there is a tendency to offer solutions (masculine quality). But quite often the best approach is to use the feminine qualities of  listening, empathizing, and letting the person find their own solution. Often, all that’s needed is the space to vent and then they see the way forward.

Seek Ease: Our work cultures have all of us driving for results and working in a self-reliant way (masculine qualities). While this is an important aspect of success; when it’s the only approach,  we end up missing out on other ways to creatively solve the problem.  And even more importantly we find ourselves depleted.

When you start feeling yourself “pushing and shoving” to solve the problem, that’s a sign to pause and ask, “How could this be easier?” and “Who can help with this?”  That’s feminine awareness in action.

As you start to apply both your feminine and masculine qualities, you’ll find that you produce even better results and feel energized.  Your ability to drive for results will be strengthened as you activate your power to receive, to connect, to use holism and sensuality, and nurture yourself and others. 

Your enjoyment of your job and your life will expand and your job security along with them!


Michele Lisenbury Christensen and Sara Harvey Yao are the authors of “Succeeding without Side Effects:  Burnout-Proof Your Leadership and Life.”  They provide executive coaching, training, and lively keynote presentations for co-ed audiences who want more success with fewer side effects.  Their retreats and seminars for women are transformative and deeply rejuvenating.  They can be found online at

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